Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Unexpected Visitor

Vada took a special interest in this necklace. Ironically, it's the one that her Aunt Lindsey gave me and I wore it from the day of surgery until we brought her home. I want to wear it on Vada's surgery anniversary date each year, so I have to protect it from Vada's grip!

The evening was warm and the air smelled like fresh cut grass it was a perfect night to bring Vada home. After playing inside for awhile, Daddy, Vada and I went outside to wait for Grandma and Grandpa to bring her big sisters home. Kiliegh accidentally found out that we were coming back today but we were able to still keep it a secret from Jasmine. We wanted to surprise them both.

 They ended up walking to our house from Justin's parents. Its only about a mile away. Jasmine and Annette somehow got ahead of Jim and Kiliegh and Jasmine was the first to see Vada, Justin and I standing in our yard. She yelled with excitement when she saw Vada and I, which was refreshing, I'm not usually Jasmine's favorite person these days.

Next it was Grandma who walked into the yard. She knew we would be home but was excited all the same.

After saying hello's to Jasmine and Grandma, Vada looked on. It was like she knew there would be more. She knew that there were two who had yet to make it.

They all took the back way, through the neighbors bushes and from the alley. As soon as Kiliegh came through she began to run towards Vada and I.

She has a older wisdom about her. She knew that this day would come and that everything would be okay.

Finally, Grandpa made it over to us. It's impossible to pick who is Vada's favorite person (*cough* me*cough*...joking.). She has a unique bond with every member in our family. With Grandpa she loves how he cuddles and sings to her. He makes some great sounds and the funnest faces. She enjoys being with him and I think it's pretty safe to say that the feeling is mutual.

Check out Vada and Jasmine's expressions. They look so much alike!

We had only been home for a couple of hours and so much had already happened. Spirits were high and we all took great joy in the fact that we were back together.

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