Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our First Pappardelle's Dinner

Tonight's dinner Grilled Chicken with Tamarind Orange Glaze with Spicy Thai Pasta was made from the recipe and the noodles that we bought from the farmers market earlier today. Justin was eager to make it and he did an amazing job! It was one of the most delicious meals that I have EVER ate! So good and a new favorite of mine, I think his as well! This meal makes me excited to have more of Pappardelle's pasta's but it was also so good that I really want more just of this particular pasta. Choices, choices.

If your interested in making this meal for your family I have attached the recipe here for you. If you dont live in this area you can order the pasta from Pappadelle's site.

For those of you with kiddo's, especially young ones, this Thai dish does have some warmth to it. Both Jasmine and Kiliegh ate it, but Jasmine thought it was a little too heated. Kiliegh on the other hand thought it was great and she is the younger of the two. I think it really depends on the child. It was not something that I gave to Vada.

One final note on this to die for dish is that it tastes fantastic reheated! I had some as a snack not too long ago.

Our next meal done with Pappadelle's noodles will be the Cracked Pepper Pasta Primavera. This too sounds absolutley mouth watering!

Jasmine is looking forward to our next trip to the Farmers Market. Pappadelle's has desert pasta's and I told Jasmine that she can make the family a desert with one of their recipes and the selected pasta.

For well over a year now Jasmine has said that she wants to be a "Culinary Artist". I think all of the food shows on cable has a lot to do with her inspirations. Those and her Step Dad who is one great cook and a fantastic cake decorator. Anyway, I thought that she would really enjoy making us something like this and she seems thrilled. It should be interesting. I have never had desert made from pasta. Ill keep you updated on our pasta adventures...

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