Saturday, May 7, 2011

Building Faith...


and ZooZoo.
Today, Justin and I brought Jasmine and Kiliegh to Build A Bear Workshop. The idea for this trip was to build each girl an animal of their choice and fill it with three hearts verses just one. Signifying the hearts of each sister and how they were always connected. We wanted to give them all something special to hold onto while we were separated.

We will all be somewhere different over the hospital stay. For the first couple of days Justin will be with Vada and I. Eventually he will have to return to go back to work. Jasmine will be staying at Justin's parents house and Kiliegh will be with her bio.

We received gift cards for BABW and thought that this was a great idea to make this up coming journey a bit easier on all of us. Since the girls are going to be in different places we told them that they will all have their special animals to remind them of each other.
Daddy and Kiliegh making the birth certificate for her ZooZoo.
Vada's animal, the lamb, was the last of the three animals made. After explaining to the wonderful girl who was helping us build our new furry friends, why we were doing three hearts instead of the traditional one, she suggested that for Vada's we add an addition two more hearts. One for Mom and one for Dad. We thought that it was a wonderful idea.
When we brought Faith home to Vada, she seemed thrilled to have a new pal to cuddle with and of course chew on.

Since Faith will be coming on the trip to Peoria with us, we decided to put her in scrubs. We thought that the scrubs and the Xray with the bright red heart on it was very fitting for Vada.


EN said...

That last photo is so sweet it brings tears to my eyes! Your girls are so blessed to have each other. Good for you for encouraging that bond. What a gift!

Janie Fox said...

Praying and Praying for Vada!!