Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Vada is one amazing girl!

Over all she was away from us for about five and a half hours. Right now she is pretty sedated and resting. When they first brought her up to the CICU she had tried to roll over twice, so more medications were given to her. She is breathing on her own and everything is stable. Twice she has opened her eyes and turned towards me. One of those two times she reached for me and placed her hand on my lips. God I love her. I dont know what I ever did to deserve such a gift but I am so grateful for her.

She didn't have any problems during the surgery. NO SIGNS OF SEIZURES, but that is still in a gray area due to the fact that she is so sedated. Were hoping that the stress on her body wont trigger anything. So far, so good! One thing that was unexpected was that they found her airway to be slightly narrow. Its not something that I have ever been told and she has had anesthesia a few times in the past. No one seems to be overly worried about this, so for now, it is just an extra piece of knowledge.

The nurses put these frilly green socks onto Vada's hands so she wouldn't scratch herself or pull on the wires. Cute, huh.
 Everyone has gone on with their day, there's not much that they can do here. With only two visitors allowed in a room at a time and a mother (that would be me) who wont leave it even to make room for another family member..., well, lets just say everyone's options are a bit limited. Justin's parents have headed back to the QC, they are also helping us with my older girls so going home tonight was always the plan. Justin and our friend Isaac are driving back to the QC as well. Isaac to go home and Justin to pick up his dad's truck. He'll be turning back around and heading my way again tonight. We just had to fix our vehicle situation. My foster mother went back to her hotel room and once Justin gets back into Peoria he will pick her up and we will get together for dinner.

I am preparing for a nap. I am so exhausted! Now that I have seen her, touched her, smelled and kissed her I can relax and breath a bit easier and I feel my body turning to putty as I write this. I hadn't planned on updating at this point, just because I am that tired, but I am so excited that Vada is doing so well that I had to take a minute to share the news .

The surgery is over, but the next couple of days, tonight especially, are the tough ones. So please continue to pray for our sweet girl and I will continue to update as things progress.

I just wanted to thank all of you again. To everyone who prayed, who took the time to lift my sweet angel up in your prayers, thank you. To those of you who wrote something in regards to her and today's events, thank you! To those of you who left wonderful, encouraging comments and messages, thank you. And to those of you who are silent and unknown but still praying for Vada and our family, thank you! The power of prayer is absolutely amazing. The power of friendship and love through Jesus Christ, is amazing and we have felt your love throughout the past couple of days and especially today. You are all amazing and I am thankful for each and everyone of you!


Deborah said...

Such a relief! I hope recovery continues to go well and you can get some rest. Will be thinking of you thru the night! Great job, Vada! You are a heart warrior now!!!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

she is awesome! Get some rest mama! More prayers going up for you all!

Shannon said...

praying for your sweet girl. Pictures bring back memories, my daughter had her heart surgery this past Jan. The hardest part is over, it only gets better from here :)

Angel said...

So glad all went smoothly. Definitely brought back memories for me too. Praying for a super quick recovery.

Lacey said...

Oh sweet Vada, you look at you breathing on your own! Such a big girl! Continued prayers that she has an uneventful night!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara! Kate Chinlund here... I just wanted let you know I am praising God for his goodness in the success of Vada's surgery! I will continue to pray for rest for you all, a great night, and healing for your precious girl. Much love to you all!

EN said...

Oh Tara - she looks so good for just having had surgery! She's not even intubated! What a strong little girl. You must be so proud. We'll continue to pray - keep us posted.

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Thank God all went well. Take time to get some rest. What a joy that heartbeat.