Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Fish in a Big Pond

Jasmine and the rest of this years fifth graders have lost their chance to be the "big fish" or the "top dogs" in their schools. (Do those phrases out date me? I feel as if they do.) Anyway, this was the last year for our area Elementary schools to have the sixth graders, this coming fall the sixth graders will now be part of the Jr. Highers. The lost "Rights of Passage" didn't phase Jasmine, in fact she is more than willing to give that right up just to become an official member of the Jr. High School Clan.

Today was her awards ceremony, as I sat listening to all of the things that were being said from the principle I couldnt help but get lost in my memories of her younger days.

This girl of mine. My eldest. My first. She drives me crazy at times. She can bring me to tears quicker than most others can. She has a attitude that comes out and bits me in my butt as well as her own and she is beginning to act as if she needs me less and less, which is sad but also a part of adolescents-I guess.

This girl, my daughter, she can also warm my heart with her voice and a few choice words that she speaks. She impresses me daily and has amazing capabilities.

This girl, Jasmine, I love and cherish her, beyond any words that I could ever speak, let alone write. I wouldn't trade her for anything or anyone else in this world and I am grateful for the gift of being her mother.

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