Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friends That Pray Together

Isaac and Kathee are two of our closest friends. There are not enough words to describe what they mean to our family. We have laughed together, cried together, worshiped and praised the Lord together. We have watched our families grow in numbers together and exchanged parenting advice on the different do's and dont's together.

We have many friends, friends who at this moment are working in the background to help us make this time easier. We have the Miners who let my oldest daughter stay at their house for the first two days of this journey for Vada. Steve, who has picked up and dropped off the girls for youth group. Clark who took care of our dog when no one was at home and many, many others who are praying and who are asking for prayers. We are blessed to have each and everyone one of you in our lives and we are so grateful to call you all our friends.

I dont have many friends outside of our church family who are comfortable in themselves and their religious beliefs to come right out and ask to pray for others. I personally, think that prayer is a wonderful gift. However, I too dont always ask to pray and going to the Lord, first, is something that I am still working on.

Isaac and Kathee has taught us both a lot about prayer and a lot about going to Christ before anything or anyone else.

Someday, Vada will know the power of prayer. We will tell her of her many journeys. We will tell her about all of the people who prayed for her. We will teach her as well as the other girls that its not just family members who pray together that stay together, its friends too. Someday she will know that she was strong first through Christ. I look forward to that day. It's going to be pretty special.

Last night Isaac and Kathee came to our house. We planned out the next couple of days, talked about life in general and prayed together. We prayed for Vada, for the surgeons, nurses and medical staff. We prayed for Justin and I as parents and Jasmine and Kiliegh as Vada's sisters. We prayed for strength and healing.

The day of surgery Isaac came to sit with us and wait. His humor really helped make time pass by quicker. Justin and Isaac really feed off of each other, which made great company for Justin and great entertainment for me. I was grateful for Isaac's presence.

Isaac and Kathee have two small children so they came in shifts. Kathee came the day after surgery. I have shared many of my deepest fears of loosing Vada over the last two years, with Kathee. As a mother she could understand and as a close friend she could relate. It felt good standing at Vada's crib side with her. We watched Vada silently for a long period of time, but I knew that Kathee was rejoicing inside just as I was.

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patsy said...

found your sweet girl through annie's blog...vada is such a doll and so happy to hear she is doing so well! we also have three girl...and our baby is blessed with that magic chromosome :) i will be praying that vada's recovery keeps going so well!