Tuesday, May 17, 2011

While Waiting: Our First Surgical Update on Vada

There are so many things to catch up on however, nothing seems quite as important as today. So, once again I will be hopping back and forth between posts.

Right now, we're sitting in the waiting room.., waiting. Jim and Annette-Justin's parents, my foster mother, Suzan and our friend Isaac are all here with us. I am grateful for their company, their voices and the familiarity of their faces. It makes passing this time a little easier.

The Pastoral came over to us about fifteen minutes ago to tell us that surgery has begun. The first incision was made. The next update should be with in the two hours.

I have seen God's work this morning in so many ways. He has helped all of us in this difficult time in ways both seen and not.

Vada woke up, on her own at 3:45 A.M. to nurse. Her cut off time was 4 A.M. After nursing she played with Daddy while I got ready and repacked all of our things.

We left the hotel at 5:30 this morning and headed to the hospital. Vada stayed awake for about an hour after arriving and was cheerful and sociable as per usual. This girl is so laid back and easy going!

 Not once did she become irritated or fussy.  She just cuddled up with me and fell asleep. Sweet Angel.

Before taking Vada back for surgery she was weighed, 17lbs-3oz's (she lost six ounces this last week). Then she was given some soft yellow p.j.'s and fuzzy pink slippers. She looked pretty sweet in a sad sort of way.

She was scheduled for 8 A.M. and the pulled her back three minutes early. Everything so far is going as scheduled and running on time.

10:52 A.M. ---

Well, as I was getting ready to post the above update the Pastoral came back with another update. Vada is doing well, everything is going as it should be and she has been put onto bypass. The next update might not come again for a couple of hours.


Lacey said...

Anxiously waiting the next update. Prayers for a smooth surgery!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

at 5 til 8 I was praying for strength for you Tara when you handed her off! I felt the spirit with me and I know he's holding you now! Praying so hard today for V

EN said...

Praying for Vada!

ch said...

shouting out for vada on our blog today and praying you to each next report...

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Praying for precious Vada today. And anxiously awaiting the next update.