Sunday, May 1, 2011

Showing Off For Big Sister K

Kiliegh comes home every other week. Staying here for a week and then going to her dad's for a week. Needless to say, she often misses out on some pretty cool things (probably on both sides of the family). I could have sworn that she saw Vada doing her army crawl last last time that she was home but she said differently and she was very bummed to have either not known or not remembered.

Vada was more than willing to show her newly learned skill off for her Big Sister K.

There's not much to hear on these video's except a pretty fantastic laugh come from K herself. So, you may want to scroll down and mute the music that automatically turns on.

Vada is becoming stronger and more coordinated each day. She is quicker too!

Vada does seem to tire quickly, but can you blame her? Still, even with that "bum ticker" as her daddy calls it, you would never guess that she had heart issues. Amazing.

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