Friday, May 6, 2011

Adding to Her Vocbaulary

Tonight we let Kiliegh have her friend Brooke sleep over. We had made the arrangements on Monday and before deciding to keep Vada confined until surgery. After making sure that Brooke was feeling well and had not knowingly been exposed to some sort of spreadable something or another we decided to keep our original plans. After all, Kiliegh was looking forward to having her friend over and had done nothing to deserve a change in plans.

Brooke is a sweet girl who is not only in Kiliegh's class at school but Brooke and her family go to our church as well. The girls had such a good night together and I was pleasantly surprised in how much Brooke loved on Vada. Brooke is an only child but has amazing big sister instincts.

Vada liked Brooke a lot and she enjoyed playing with the big girls throughout the night. At one point in the evening Vada was having such a good time that she decided to speak a new word in order to get the girls attention. Vada was laying in her crib watching Kiliegh and Brooke play Barbies. I was in the same room putting laundry away. Out of nowhere I hear "Hi." I turned and looked at Kiliegh and Brooke, knowing that it was Vada's voice that I had heard but looking for confirmation from them. Both girls had a smile on their face. They too were impressed. Vada wanted their attention and she figured out how to get it! To me, this is a huge milestone and a very exciting one too!

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