Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daddy's Prayer Button

My husband is the King of Photoshop, at least in our house. I personally, know very little about the program. In fact I choose the free and easier programs such as Photobucket and Picnik to use verses attempting this savvy photo editing program.

I take and edit all of my pictures on this blog (unless otherwise noted) I even did the prayer buttons that I recently posted. However, after my first couple of headers Justin took over on making them. Its actually quite a great set-up... for me anyway. I tell him what I want, what I like and don't like as he goes a long and does it. He has patience like no other and seems to enjoy doing them for me. I am lucky to have him for so many reason, this being a very small one.

The other day I mentioned how a couple of other blogging mothers took a copy of one of the prayer buttons that I created. Justin took one look at them as said, "What!? How could you make the prayer buttons? I should be making them because I make the headers!" Then playfully he told me all of the things that I did wrong.

Now, made especially by her Daddy.., Vada's New and improved Prayer Button.

I would be honored to have you pass it along. Maybe let others know a little about her and what they could be praying for. Vada's surgery is now sixteen days away! Its hard to think that I will be willingly handing her off to a stranger and trusting him with her life. I keep reminding myself that it is actually God whom I am putting my trust into. Yes, I will give Vada to the group of medical professionals, but God, through them will be doing the work.

Anyway, please feel free to grab the button. Her surgery is on May 17th at 8AM. We will be bringing her into the hospital that morning at 6 AM. Thank you to everyone that has already grabbed one of her prayer buttons, I can never put into words what that means to me or to my family.

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