Saturday, April 30, 2011


When I was a kiddo and still in the custody of my biological mother I longed for a brother or a sister to share my time with. Sometimes, I wanted a sibling that was older and who would take care or me and stick up to those nasty kids who often made fun of me. Sometimes, I wanted a sibling that was my own age. One that I could stay up late with and become best friends with.

I never had another sibling. At least not one that I grew up with. I had a half sister that I knew of. Charity. I had met her when we were very young. We shared several visits together before my mom lost custody of me and I became a ward of the state and was moved away.
My younger childhood was pretty lonely. Making friends never seemed to work because every time I did get close to someone, I would get moved again. I wished on many occasions that Charity was moving around with me. Then, at least then I would have someone.
As I grew older I still wanted to find her, talk to her and possibly become friends with her. A couple of years ago I finally did find her, practically in my own back yard!  She had been living in this area and only ten minutes from my house for years! We never knew that we were so close. How that was even possible is beyond me.

Over the last couple of years our friendship has grown. We still have a lot of time to make up for but hopefully we both have a lot of time left here on earth, to do just that.

My childhood has made me build a wall that practically never comes down. Its something that I am working on and probably always will be, but its something that I work at even hard for my sister because I want to be her "big sister" and someone that she can depend on. Plus, she has a son, Lex (or Alexander) and I want to be his aunt. I want him to know me and to know my children as his cousins and not just as some kids that he randomly plays with. I want the same for my children as well.

Family is important to me. It is something that I prayed for as a child and it is a prayer that God has willingly and graciously answered for me. I don't take this gift lightly.

On a side note, A couple of years ago I also found out that I have yet another sister as well as a brother, both whom are quite a bit younger than I am. We speak on occasion and I love them both dearly!

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