Friday, April 29, 2011


Kate Middleton made one beautiful wife and I adored her dress but I don't regret not staying up late to watch her get married.

I read all kinds of Facebook posts over the past two days. People were saying that they were waking up at different times just to watch the wedding live in their specific time zones. Suckers! I got up this morning and watched all of the recaps.

Seriously, I don't even know this girl or the Prince and I like my sleep so I was fine watching a re-run of the live version this morning and fully rested (or as fully as I can get with a baby who likes to night nurse)!

I do however, love seeing a good wedding! My ultimate favorite parts from all weddings are- seeing the anticipation in the faces of the bride, groom and their guests, the way the father walks his daughter down the isle, not fully wanting to let go and then the look on the soon to be husbands face as he watches his soon to be bride approaching him. That and the kiss!

Justin watching me walk down to him.
My Dad and I
... and then we kissed.

When I was watching Kate walk down the isle I thought to myself how her wedding was a dream of most every little girl that I think of. To be a princess, to marry a prince and to live happily ever after, isn't that what we all pretended as little girls? I wondered if the princess herself once had those same dreams and if this same shared dream was why watching the wedding was important to so many. Was this why waking up at Godless hours in the middle of the night to watch some strangers exchange their vowels was so significant? I smile to myself with that thought and an even bigger thought brings a new smile to my face. Every wedding should be something royal to the couple. After all we are all princes and princesses in the eyes of the Lord. When you marry someone, no matter how big or small of a wedding ceremony, it is sacred and should be celebrated.

Just as every wedding does, this one made me reminisce our wedding day. Not that it was even close to being as extravagant to the "Royal Wedding", but I did marry my very own prince charming! We've been married for almost three years now. Which is such a short time but it feels as if we have always been together. Those childhood dreams that I once had doesn't even touch what I am living now, with Justin. We may not live in a castle or have tons of money but we have love, friendship, companionship and trust. Together we have built a family with three fantastic children (who even in the worst of moments I wouldn't trade) and a stinky dog named Cody. While watching the soon to be princess walk down the isle I wished her all of the happiness that I have with my husband and I thanked God for giving him to me.

These wedding picture's were taken by Justin's cousin Amber-Thank's Amber!

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post. I'm crying as I read it. You have such a way with words, Tara. I am so glad you found your Prince Charming, I thank God for mine and I pray for our daughters.

(Great wedding photos, too!)

Kathee Tee