Saturday, April 30, 2011

Point and Shoot Queen!

I am very picky when it comes to pictures of me. I'm just not a photogenic person. I tend to get uncomfortable when the camera is pointed in my direction and I end up making weird faces or giving odd smiles. Which is ironic because I use to think that I wanted to be a model.

Typically, I am the one behind the camera and that's just where I like to be. However, that poses a problem when I actually want pictures of me with my children/family/friends.

Today, I met up with my sister. We decided to meet at a park because it was so nice out. Plus, my nephew would enjoy running around and playing and that would make it easier for her and I to catch up.

Since I got to the park ahead of my sister I set up my tripod with the camera and began taking pictures. Eventually, my sister and nephew walked up and I asked her to try to get a couple pictures of Vada and I. I showed her my camera and told her not to worry about anything- "Just point and shoot". With my nephews help and a little cropping/editing these are the pictures that she took of us. I absolutely love them. She did such a fantastic job! Thanks sis!

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Charity said...

You are welcome! Wow they turned out great! You two look beautiful together. I love it when a picture is able to "see" the love between a parent and child.