Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tea For Two

Today Vada and Jasmine shared their first tea party together.

She tipped the cup to her mouth as if she were drinking from it. She even held it out for Jasmine to "fill back up".

Vada watched her big sister in amazement and seemed to mimic everything that she did.

She pretended to eat the cakes too! I was blown away! What made this little party even sweeter was watching Jasmine talk to Vada and explain what to do.

Vada has never interacted with anyone the way that she did today with Jasmine.

It's possible that everything happened at the correct moments and that Vada was unaware of what she was actually doing but I doubt it. This was all too perfect, she was having a tea party with her big sister and loving it!

Vada even yelled at Jasmine after she put her cup down and Jasmine picked it up. It was hilarious. Vada actually balled someone out. It was fantastic. We couldn't stop laughing.

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