Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vada's Prayer Button

It has been suggested on a  number of occasions from several different people that I send out an email or Facebook message requesting prayer for Vada. I believe in prayer and I would appreciate any and all prayers for Vada and our family during these next few weeks. Prayer for strength and health. Prayer for peace and comfort. Prayer for recovery and anything that I am leaving out.

I have created a prayer button for Vada, it's something that I have seen on many other blogs that I read. I have placed Vada's button with the other prayer buttons that I have posted on my blog. Feel free to copy it and re-post it to your blog or to pass it along for others to see who they are praying for. If your not already following the blog please take a second to do so. I will continue to update the blog on her progress as well as new events in my family's lives and you are invited to check in when ever you feel the curiosity brewing.

As of today there are 20 days before we leave with Vada and head to Peoria, there are 21 days until her heart surgery.

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Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

I'll add to my blog when I get home!