Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sleepy Head

With the warmer weather and my new bike/gear I have been taking every opportunity to be outdoors riding. I enjoy pulling Vada behind me. When I glance back at her i'll notice how she is casually looking from here to there. Taking in the world around her. She has been so secluded most of her short life, everything is new to her. Sometimes I swear that you can see her thoughts on how amazing one newness is over another, her eyes twinkle in a way that is also new.

Today, Vada and I went on a bike ride that lasted about three hours! Our adventure brought us to one of Vada's favorite places. Grandma and Grandpa's. She loves visiting with them both. Grandpa sings silly songs and makes all sorts of cool sounds for her to hear and Grandma's embrace is one that she melts into.

After a long bike ride, lots of fresh air and some one on one with both Grandpa and then Grandma, Miss V was exhausted! So before we left to head home, V took a short nap.

These moments. The ones where I get to enjoy Vada being my baby, my daughter. The moments where I don't have to over think the seizures or her heart, these are the moments that make everything worth while. She makes everything, worth while.

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