Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Wonders and Questions About the Surgery

Often, there are situations that you are in or soon will be in where you will truly benefit from the stories and experiences of others. I feel that I am in that predicament now. Vada's up coming surgery is the number one thing on my mind. I have been trying to prepare myself on what is about to happen, I have even gone as far as Youtube-ing videos on this specific surgery. ***WARNING*** IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK TO THE VIDEO LINK IT IS OF A VIVID SURGERY BEING DONE ON A FOUR MONTH OLD CHILD AND IS NOT SOMETHING THAT IS EASY TO SEE.

I vividly remember the day Vada's bandages were removed from her Duodenal Atresia repair. Justin and I had stepped out for lunch, only being gone maybe an hour. We came back to the NICU room and as we slipped into Vada's designated corner we were shocked with what we saw. There she was our newly born baby, laying flat on her back, stomach fully exposed, the incision, fully exposed. The cut looked as if it vertically crossed from one side of her stomach to the other.There were no external stitches holding this man made hole closed, making the incision seem much wider and deeper than it probably was. The surgeon had decided to let it heal from the inside out. He had used the least amount of internal stitches as he could for that purpose. He said that it was better that way. I really wish that I could have been warned. I wish that after or even before the surgery I would have been told what to expect when the bandages were removed.  As scary as it may have sounded before hand, it would have been nice to know that this was the sight at one point in time that I might see.

I understand that all situations are different, just as each doctor is different but because of the shock that I personally received with her DA surgery I am eager to know all of those little things that may or may not happen with her heart surgery. You know, like the things that the doctors leave out because for whatever reason it seems unimportant to them. The things that as a parent you forget to ask because your already on overload from what the doctor is telling you.

Another mother blogger posted something showing her daughters chest after a similar surgery to what Vada's will entail. Her daughters chest was noticeably protruding. The pictures were a bit overwhelming because I knew that I was looking at something that Vada may eventually be experiencing herself. After reading that mothers post I began reading about similar situations with many other patients who had some sort of chest surgery. While I am not looking forward to seeing Vada's sternum so vividly highlighted I am glad to be prepared with the knowledge that it is a possibility.

Right now, I am having one question constantly repeating itself in my mind. It's not overly important but I cant help but wonder. What kinds of clothing should I pack for Vada to wear while in the hospital? When she was born and in the NICU she eventually could wear only button up p.j.'s. I had brought only one pair with me and because of her size the NICU only had one pair on hand for her. The button up p.j.'s made situating all of the wires that were attached to her much easier. I'm wondering if this situation will be the same? Maybe for the first several days they don't like patients to be dressed at all? I'm not the biggest fan on the hospital gowns because they are so thin so I am planning on bringing all of Vada's leggings so at the very least she is always somewhat covered.

I would really appreciate advice, stories and experiences..., anything and everything that may make Vada's procedure go a little smoother, for her and possibly for us as well. If you have gone through a similar procedure with your child and there was something that happened that stuck out, something where you were like "I sure wish I would have known this before hand." then that is what I would like to know now.

Thank you, ahead of time, your comments, thoughts and words are so very helpful and appreciated!


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Have you met Coutney Heigele from Pudge and Biggs? Email her lady...she's done this 2x and she has been a wealth of info for me. Her kids were in leg warmers and hats. I met her in real life and blogged it last wed. If that helps find her. She loves to help answer questions so your email would make her happy. What did they say woukd be your hospital stay? I've been thinking of you often! I know all your worry :) lots of prayers for you and yours!!

Twilson9608 said...

We were told that a "typical" stay was between 7 to 10 days. Probably no less than 7.

Christy said...

Hi - I know Annie and saw your blog link from hers. We just went through OHS with our Bailey 4 weeks ago, when she was 5 months old. If you have any questions or would like to talk to a mama that has been there recently, feel free to email me! cjmcdonald@austin.rr.com.

Vada is beautiful and you will have many prayers for her lifted up from Austin!

Christy said...

PS on the clothes - for the first 4 or 5 days Bailey didn't wear anything but a diaper with blankets over her. There were so many wires/tubes that it would have been impossible to put clothes on her. When it got down to just the leads on her chest, we put her in pjs and buttoned or zipped around them. We also found a cute little pink bathrobe at Target that was easy to get her in and out of while she was still hooked up to the monitors. :)

Angel said...

Found your blog off of Pudge and Biggs, and thought I'd leave a note! We too have been through OHS.

I love the idea of bringing baby leggings with! I think the kiddos always look a bit better with some clothing from home on, no matter how many tubes may be hooked up.... I mostly did pj's with snaps to easily slide the tubes through.

My child was only 4 months old at the time of surgery, so I filled up a sock with some rice for his neck/head so it wouldn't slump. Don't know if you'd have this problem with an older child, but it worked great for us....

I'll be joining you in prayer for a smooth surgery and recovery!

Erin said...

Stopping by from Pudge and Biggs.

My son, Brett, had open heart surgery this past December. He was in the PICU for 3 days and on the floor for 1. He spent his time in leg warmers and a diaper until the day we went home.

I can remember wanting to get as much information as possible before surgery and Courtney has a lot of great information to share. The Hananvan Home will be praying for you guys as the big day approaches.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good reading here, thank you! I had been browsing on yahoo when I observed your post, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to more from you.