Friday, April 1, 2011

Corn on the Cupcake

Ever since I found Hello, Cupcake and What's New Cupcake, I have searched for reasons to make some of the incredible cupcakes that the books feature.

I found the Monarch Butterfly cupcakes in the Hello Cupcake cook book (pg.77). I made these cupcakes for Vada's first birthday.

I have already planned the cupcakes that im going to make on Easter, Mother's Day and even Kiliegh's birthday.There are several other cupcakes that I want to make but I need to figure out when to do them and what to do them for. I like attaching these cupcakes to special or fun moments for the girls. That way when the girls look back they can say "Do you remember on April Fool's Day, you made those corn on the cob cupcakes?", which is what I have done today. I got this idea also from Hello, Cupcake (pg.24).

To be honest, the book made these look much cooler than I did and overall I was disappointed in the whole turnout. I used a carrot cake mix, which would have been delicious, only I over cooked them and they ended up dry. The good thing about making stuff like this for children is that usually they don't seem to notice if things are a little over cooked.

I used Jelly Belly jelly beans to make the cupcakes look like corn. When I was younger I  really liked Jelly Belly's but I cant stand any of them now, mainly because of all of the odd flavors that I have accidentally ate. They served their purpose in this case and again, the girls love them so it doesn't matter if I do or don't. I made these for them.

For the finishing touches I used black and green sprinkles to look like pepper and seasonings. I also used lemon Tootsie Rolls for the pads of butter and finally I stuck in the corn holders at each end of the rows of cupcakes. Their cute, but like I said, the books turned out a lot better. They girls however, really enjoyed them. Jasmine could tell right away what they were meant to be and Kiliegh was a little unsure. I'm really looking forward to Easter. Those cupcakes look really cute and Justin is planning on doing them with me, which will make them even more fun to do!

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