Monday, April 11, 2011


At around 4 PM I could wait no longer. I hadn't heard from Vada's cardiologist, Dr. Bramlett at this point and he told me on Friday that I would by the end of the day. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow so I called Peoria and left a message with one of the nurses. Fifteen minutes later the same lady called me back and said that Dr. Bramlett was in a meeting and that she had left the message on his desk. She told me that for sure he would call tomorrow. With in ten minutes from hanging up with her the second time, my phone rang again. The ID said "cardiologist" this time it was not the nurse but Dr. Bramlett.

He told me how they discussed Vada during their meeting today and that all of the doctors are in agreement that we need to proceed with the surgery and it needs to be done soon. Since we too agree that this is our best option for Vada it is a set decision and Dr. Bramlett is putting her on the surgical list. We will receive a call with in the next day or so from the surgeons office with her surgery date. Dr. Bramlett said to expect the surgery to be soon, as in, within the next couple of weeks.

So, once again we wait for answers. At least this time we know what it is that we are waiting for. Once we get the date of the surgery we will have to do some rescheduling. Kiliegh's 8th Birthday is May 20th and we had planned on going to an indoor swim park/hotel to celebrate. The plan is to celebrate with her earlier, so we can all enjoy the pool and the time together, even Vada. There are other doctors appointments and there is visitation schedules that will need to be rearranged. Plus, our nephews birthdays are coming up and Justin's brother's wife is expecting her second child in May, so his parents will be out of town and we will need to figure out where the girls will stay while Justin is working and I am in Peoria. During all of our hospital stays they were wonderful with the girls and we are so grateful for all of the help that they provide. It's just going to be a very demanding month or so on them as well.

Dr. Bramlett said our stay will probably range around seven to ten days. That is if everything goes smoothly and with no complications. He said to expect more along the lines of ten or maybe a bit more. Whatever it takes to bring our girl home and healthy we will do. God has somehow always provided what we need or have needed in the past. He will get us through this too.

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