Monday, April 4, 2011

Pom Pom People and the Places They Live

Tonight Kiliegh had been pacing the living room creating tiny unseen circles on the carpet in front of were I was sitting. Her version of looking 'oh so cute' in hopes to persuade me into turning on the television. There are occasions during the school week when I do turn on the t.v. for the girls to watch. Typically, if the t.v. is on during the week the shows are Sesame Street, Blues Clues or something comparable. These are shows that I choose, not them. These are shows that are educational and at the same time catch Vada's attention which in return creates a window of opportunity for me to do something, like cook dinner.

I knew that Kiliegh was bored, the pacing that she was doing in front of me told me so. Jasmine was in the bath and it was too windy to be outside her boredom made complete sense. I knew that sooner or later her sweet voice would begin to cry about how there was nothing to do, but I was determined to make her think for herself.

While she paced, I thought.

Once those words came out I already had my reply. It was so simple. "Kiliegh, there are plenty of things to do. I can pick something out for you or you can figure something out for yourself."

"Okay." she replied, "what would you choose for me to do?" (Smart girl, testing the waters and feeling out the situation.)

"Well, you could dust, or rinse off the dishes in the sink, or...." That was enough. She told me that she would figure out something to do and she did.

The girls have been playing with these Pom Pom's off and on for quite sometime now. It was Jasmine's idea that she had originally picked up from another child in her class. They have begun to design houses and furniture as well as people and pets. It's pretty cute and because I chose not to let my children watch t.v; tonight they used their imaginations to create something new and they did it togeteher.

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