Monday, April 4, 2011

The Up and At-uhm's

Tom Petty's song Learning To Fly has been stuck in my head for the last few days.

I've been watching Vada work hard at lifting her little body up and off of the floor and I feel as if she is learning to fly.

Brilliantly she brings her knees up and in for support and then from exhaustion she falls back down onto her belly and gives a small cry of defeat.

Never fully giving up she gets back up and tries again.

Hitting milestones has been a slower process for Vada and because of those set backs I have learned to appreciate the work that our children (those who face obstacles and those who don't) have to do from the very beginning. Vada doesn't know that she has to work twice as hard as her sisters had to, she just does it.

Each time that she does something new I celebrate, I thank God and I rejoice!  Today, I celebrate the up and at-uhms of learning to crawl!

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