Thursday, May 26, 2011

Special Deliveries and Prayers for Friends

Today Vada and I received a very special package in the mail. It came from our friend Annie at The House That Jade Built. Annie sent Vada a homemade personalized heart warrior blanket. I'll admit... I love, love, love receiving packages in the mail! Especially, when they end up being this cool. Thanks Annie for thinking of us!

Annie and I met cyberly (Is that a word?) several months back, when she was pregnant. We have yet to meet in person but its in the works for once our girls have fully recovered.

Since Ollie's birth Annie has become a stay at home mom to her three children. On top of taking care of her kiddo's Annie also has an Etsy business that she runs from her home. You can check Annie's Etsy store out here, when it's up and running again. Right now, as she awaits Ollie's heart surgery, she has decided to take a short break.

I'm not writing this to sell Annie's items, but she did send some of her products to us. Plus, she opened up her Etsy store to help make a little extra money so that being a stay at home mom would be an easier thing to do. Sometimes choosing to be a stay at home mom means giving up a lot, but in my opinion, it's all worth it and there is no better job out there than taking care of your children. With that in mind I feel as another stay at home mom that I have to tell you about the cool stuff that Annie makes and sells.

Along with the personalized heart blanket Annie sent this beautiful stamped necklace. I hadn't realized that it was in the bag when I opened it. I was so excited to receive the blanket and Ollie's prayer card that I didn't check for anything else. I was getting ready to recycle the bag when I happened to see the tiny box that the necklace was in. What a sweet surprise!

The necklace says "precious in His sight". I thought it was only appropriate to put it on Vada... and then take it right off, because she is only fourteen months and it went straight to her mouth! Duh, Mom! Its beautiful and I plan on wearing it until V gets a little older, then i'll give it to her. This necklace, along with the blanket are two examples of what Annie makes and sells in her Etsy store. Again, when she reopens it, you'll have to check it out! Thanks again Annie for thinking of Vada when you made this fantastic blanket and thank you for the necklace... it is precious!

Now that Vada and I have shown off the cool stuff that Annie sent to us Vada wants to show you her friend Ollie (See how she points to that pretty little girl in the picture?). Ollie was born with a similar heart condition that Vada had, only Ollie's condition will need to be corrected much sooner in her little life then Vada's needed to be.

Having gone through this surgery and knowing how many people prayed for her. Vada wants to ask that each one of you who read this to say a pray for Ollie. You don't have to know Ollie to pray for her or to pray for her family. The power of prayer is amazing and God loves when we talk to Him!

Ollie's heart surgery is scheduled for June 9th, 2011.

I prayed for the same thing with Vada that I now pray for Ollie and her family. I pray that the nurses and doctors have a realization that Ollie is not a number. Ollie is a child, a grand child, a sister and a friend. She has worth and value that is unmeasurable and she has a family who loves her dearly. I Pray for her family to have a calmness wash over then in their time of wait. I pray that they all will be strong in their faith and in the knowledge that God is with them, always. Finally, I Pray for a quick recovery and that Ollie's repaired heart helps her blossom into the strong little girl that she has already proven herself to be, but after the surgery, that she has nothing holding her back.


Abbie said...

thank you for posting about my sister and my darling niece ollie. she is already such a character, i just can't wait for the surgery to be over so she can really wow us. i tell ya, there's nothin better than when that baby smiles and coos at you. she just melts your heart. thanks again!

ps vada is looking great! can't believe how fast she bounced back!

Lacey said...

What a beautiful blanket! Praying for this family as they head to the all to familiar place for so many of us!