Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I {Heart} You Too

About a week ago I received a package from Justin's sister Lindsey. In it was an adorable long sleeve black onsie with a great big red heart on it. Plus, the onesie came with matching stripped leggings! I was super excited when I saw what had come for Miss V.

There was a third item in the package. A little box with this in it...

I don't wear much jewelry due to the fact that I often have Little Miss in my arms... and she love, love, loves pulling on anything extra attached to me. However, I brought this necklace with me and I have worn it all day and I will continue to wear it throughout this stay. Thank you Lindsey. We {heart} you too!

Annette, Justin's mom did some pretty special things as well. For the girls she got them each a heart shaped sucker, a necklace shaped as a heart and poem that was attached to a heart as well. The open heart represented Vada's "holes" that would soon be and is now fixed.

For herself and for my foster mother she bought heart pendants.

Aren't they beautiful? (The necklaces and my mom's)

As a little something sweet she made these cookies. I cant resist her baking...I ate three of them! Can you say oink oink and good bye skinny jeans...not really, but geezz.. how could I resist them?

Finally, actually this probably should have come first...right after Vada was taken back to the OR Annette came to me and said that Vada was going to make it through with flying colors. She said that she knew it because Vada knew she was loved and that nothing is as strong as a mothers love, my love for Vada. She then handed me a stone inscribed with the word "love". Later Justin showed me the stone he had received, "Hope".

Annette, thank you for all of these little tokens... for all of the special things that you do. We {heart} you... very, very much!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful mother-in-law!!! You are very blessed to have her and she is blessed to have you too!
~Kate :)