Friday, May 20, 2011

Recovering: Making the Rounds and Saying Good Bye

Vada's sleep pattern has not improved here in the hospital, in fact, it has actually gotten worse. Her days and nights have flip flopped. That's why when Grandma and Daddy got here this morning we were still sleeping! One of Vada's first nurses exchanged her crib for a regular bed. That way I wasn't straddling the crib to nurse Vada and so we could cuddle together. I sleep her with her during the night too, which is much more comfortable than the pull out couch!

It took awhile for me to wake up but once I did get my eyes to stay open Vada's nurse came into the room and helped us get Vada ready to go for a walk. The hospital has wagons that the kiddo's who are less restricted can use but they were all in use so we used our stroller.

Vada's still had to be monitored so we hooked her up to a cordless, battery operated machine and brought it with us. 

We walked around the hospital floor for a couple of laps and then made it to the play room. Im not for sure where those kiddo's were who were using the wagons, because there wasnt anyone out when we were, which I was grateful for.

Vada stayed in her stroller the whole time. Im still a little uncomfortable moving her too much and she seemed so cozy where she was.

We read books and worked on our spanish with Dora.

Grandma Suzie made sure to leave a mark so that others after us would know that Vada was there and Daddy entertained himself with some of the bigger kids toys.

Vada seemed to enjoy the change of scenery. I think that we all did. It was refreshing and it made things seem more hopeful, not that anything is really wrong, it's just a situation that we don't really want to have to be in, but are.

When we got back to the room Vada had her first solid food snack. A carrot stick and some pretzles. Im not for sure if she swallowed anything but she seemed to be starving even in spite of her nursing every two hours.

After her snack she had to say good bye's to Grandma because she was flying home to Texas. Vada was not happy about it and made sure her feelings were known but she settled down after a bit and played with her stuffed friends.

Today was a good day. I'm glad that we did not go home however. I really think that she needed today to rest and be monitored.


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

She's so stinking cute & her poor sweet cheeks from all that tape :( I don't blame you for staying - I think I'll be the same with Ollie when June comes!

Amber Moulds said...

I love you sis and your beautiful family. I get teary eyed everytime I read your blogs.