Friday, May 20, 2011

The Day Before

The day before Vada's surgery Justin and I dropped the girls off at school and headed straight to Peoria. We had an 11 AM meeting with the Cardiac surgeon. The day was long, with lots to do. After meeting with Dr. Fortuna (the surgeon) we had to meet with two other people from his office. The first was a woman who set up all of the lab work and tests that had to be done that day.

The next was a nurse who gave us a tour of the Cardiac ICU floor, which we have actually already been on, only the opposite side.While waiting for the nurse to come into the meeting room Vada had a good time being the God Daughter at the head of the table.

The day before surgery Vada needed to have labs drawn. She needed an chest Xray and she needed to do an EKG.

Daddy and Vada had a lot of fun playing games in between tests.

Daddy does a great job at airplane!

They even played at dinner.

Check out Vada's mad balancing skills!

Can you guess where we had dinner? ... That's right, Ruby Tuesday's.

Vada had lots of quality time with her grandpa...

... and both of her grandma's.

We all held her a little closer and a little longer the day before surgery.

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