Friday, May 20, 2011

Recovering: It's Getting Close

It's getting close! Were coming home soon. (Knock on wood.)

The doctor's were ready to send her home today. There were a few concerns that kept her here another day. A nervous mother, me, being the top concern.

Vada has been filling up her diapers and her oxygen intake has been in the nineties with the exception of when she is asleep, then it dips lower.

Vada is off of everything. She has her central line for any needed labs and then for any "just in case" situations. For pain she is alternating between Motrin and Tylenol and she seems to be doing great!

The thing that seems to bother her the most is her teeth! That's right, our poor girls is cutting a tooth and a molar to top it off.

Today and tonight she has been alert and talkative. Right now she is sitting up in bed, babbling and playing. Its so nice to have our girl back.

It seems that we will be coming home tomorrow. I feel comfortable with that. I am a little nervous, but I know with the way she is right now, there is nothing more than monitoring that can be done here in the hospital. We will all be more comfortable at home.

Recovery will be a long process. I am sure that with everyday that passes we will see improvement and I cant wait! She will need to be secluded for at least six weeks. She can go outside on nice days and can be around her immediate family but other than that we are drawing a line. Her peditrition has already been contacted. We have to check in with him next week and his office as been notified with her needs. He as agreed to see her before other patients and to get her straight into a room when we get there. Its very important for her to NOT get sick! We will meet with the surgeon in a week and then the cardiologist in a month. If everything works out she should be able to start physical therapy back up at the end of the six weeks.

With all of that being said, we still plan on taking things day by day and slowly. It's the best way!

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