Monday, November 14, 2011

Make-Your-Own Cupcake bar

 My husband's birthday was on the twelfth of November but he had to work so we were unable to really do anything to celebrate him so we held off until today. We asked one of our favorite family of friends over for dinner-- Grilled chicken, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and salad. For desert I had set up a make-your-own cupcake bar. I baked dark chocolate fudge cake and had a small assortment of frosting and a great deal of different sprinkles to choose from. I have really enjoyed making fun cupcakes in the past like Vada's birthday cupcakes and the corn on the cob ones but since this was kind of a last minute thing I decided to not stress myself out with trying to do something like the what I have done in the past, those usually require a good deal of planning and time. Anyway, I think the make-your-own idea went over pretty smoothly. The kids enjoyed it at least and Justin and I just really enjoyed hanging out together and with our friends.

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