Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lunch and a Good Nap

Kiliegh had a doctors appointment that ended u overlapping her lunch period at school so I told her to pick somewhere to go for lunch. Anywhere but fast food. So she choose Denny's, which isn't bad but isn't the greatest either. However, they do have food that is perfect for Vada and that's what I am looking for when we eat out.

Kiliegh ordered what she always orders-- chicken strips and fries and Vada and I split a veggie omelet.

When our lunch came Kiliegh quickly grabbed the ketchup and I noticed the front label and thought it was too cool not to share...

Lunch was really nice. I like doing little things that end u being memorable, with my children and getting out of school to have lunch with Mom makes this experience just that!

After I dropped Kiliegh back off at school I headed over to visit one of my closest friends, Kathee. Kathee was just getting her children ready for their afternoon nap when we arrived and so Vada thought it was only fair that she too take one. She made herself at home on their big green couch and slept like a princess or like an old man with his pants pulled up to his chin-- which ever.

I blogged about this before, Vada criss crossing her legs at the ankles. I love that she does it. She seems so proper, sitting up straight, with crossed legs but this was the first time that I have ever noticed her doing it in her sleep. It must be comfortable to her.

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