Monday, November 21, 2011

Shop Girl For A Day

A day after working on her school project for six hours and extra crafts for three Kiliegh wanted to do the "Dad thing", which I think is pretty sweet. So off she went following behind Justin and straight into his shop. She asked to play with his tools, so he decided to start her off with something simple. Nails, a board and a hammer, naturally. Goodness, that sounds wrong in so many ways.

After showing her how to place and hit the nail with the hammer and how to not hit your opposite hand in return, he let her loose.

*Take note that the piece of wood has only one hole, the one with the nail in it...

After spending over an hour hammering nails into a board, Kiliegh was ready to move to something new. Removing the nails was her next task.

Notice a change in the wood now verses in the beginning pictures? I don't know how she lasted an hour doing it let alone the three that she spent altogether!

Justin moved Kiliegh from a hammer to a power tool and she thrilled! Although she was having a hard time with the loud noise that it made.

Again, Justin made sure to show her how to use the drill properly. He's a good Daddy.

And then, once again, he set her loose with the drill. And again, she couldn't get over the sound of it.

However, she quickly realized that she wouldn't be able to use the drill if she used only one hand, so she sacrificed hearing the noise and away she went!

I wouldn't say that it's every Father's dream to have his daughter be interested in the same things that he is interested in because I seriously have no clue. What I do know is that Justin is a patient and loving man and for the three hours that Kiliegh was in his shop he wore a faint smile and he seemed completely peaceful. Kiliegh, well, she was so proud that he let her do "all kinds of cool stuff". I am pretty for sure that they made each others day!

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