Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Yellow Bench

Recently I returned this yellow bench at the therapy center and exchanged it for a chair but the morning before I gave it back I saw this.

We had the bench for a few months and never once did I sit Vada on it. Truthfully, the thought never crossed my mind. Funny because its a bench and you sit on benches...

We borrowed the bench to help Vada pull herself to a stand and to begin cruising which she has been doing both of for a long time now. The thought of using it for other purposes should have come to mind but sometimes I get so focused on a task I forget to look beyond it. Jasmine, well, she thought "out side of my box".

Jasmine often watches V while I am taking a shower or cooking dinner. On this particular day I was in the shower and when I came out my heart seriously felt as if it had turned to mush. There was my oldest teaching my youngest. Doing things that I had never done. Things I had never thought of let alone asked for her to do. I was so proud. I often am when it comes to the relationship between these two.

Jasmine says that she wants to be a chef or a "culinary artist" as she puts it and I know that if she puts her mind to it she'll she cook up some amazing meals. However, I often wonder if that's what her future really holds for her. The way that she is with V makes me wonder if her life will have something to do with helping others... it seems to me that Vada is prepping Jasmine for her future. Or maybe its just a sisterly bond. Time will tell.

Jasmine reads my blog occasionally. I often hear that she had free time at school and gets on to see whats new.
Jasmine, if you are reading this, know that I. Am. Proud. To. Be. Your. Mom! Your a good kid and you were created by God for good things. I am blessed to be a part of your journey and I cant wait to see how your adventure in life unfolds. I love you, always. -Mom

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