Friday, November 4, 2011

Living a Busy Life

Well, the photo shoot for Vada's famous window picture was done on Wednesday. It was paired with the group photo shot of all of the babies (at least the one's who could make it) from our local GiGi's Playhouse. I'm not for sure when Vada's picture is going up (since it was just done a couple of days ago) but i'll let you know as soon as it does-- Im so excited to see it and to see it up!! I'm also thrilled that she was able to be in the group picture, that could quite possibly make its way around the states! Ill save the details for later and let it all be a surprise. I didn't take any pictures to share the experience although I really wanted to but since we were in another photographers personal studio I thought it may have been a rude thing to do. We plan on purchasing some of his prints and when we do I will share those as well!

V is still fighting the same ear infection from a month ago. She has just finished antibiotic number three which I thought it was helping but obviously is not because her nose is still running and it the name kind of nasty as when she began this last Rx. On the night of the photo shoot she had a runny nose and matty eyes and I didnt think that I would be able to bring her but her mess cleared some by the evening, which was when the pictures were scheduled.  Her symptoms are not contagious though and wasn't the night of the shoot--  if they were then I wouldn't have brought her. I don't like when other parents bring their sick and contagious children around mine so I try to never do the same.


Today I gave V two injections of synergis (for RSV prevention), one in each thigh. Her cardiologist said that she didnt need to have them this year but her ped's said that we should go ahead and do it. Since this is a preventitive medication we decided to go ahead and do them. Since V is so far behind on her vaccines and hasnt been able to get one since September this little extra bit of protection is reassuring to us and is helpful to her. We had a new visiting nurse come today. We used to have Kathy. Now, we have Julie. She is super sweet and I like her a lot! Julie wont be as involved as Kathy was because she is only coming once a month for the winter season. Kathy was here three times a week and in the beginning she was actually here on a daily basis. While I like Kathy and now Julie, I am grateful that this visits are for something very minor.


This week has been busy! We have all been running around town and next week is looking the same. Next week V and I will take a well known trip to Peoria. She has a check up with her Endocrinologist. Its a long drive and a long wait for a very short visit but its worth it to keep up with her health.

So far this week we have done dance classes, a night time skate party, a first time school project, a fall Jr. High dance, a double photo shoot, back to back dentist appointments, two doctors appointment, physical therapy, canceled speech therapy due to illness, was on the news for two seconds and tonight we have two extra kiddo's in the house Making the kid count totaling five .

Ahhh.. the life of a mom and you know what... I wouldn't trade it, even on the worst of days!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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