Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kindermusik and Vada's Date

Our first stop this morning was to Vada's (rescheduled) date with Jack and his Momma Jodi for a class of Kindermusik! Originally, we were going to meet last Tuesday but because of Vada's ear infection, shots of antibiotics and her fever, I thought it was best to keep her resting at home and so I did. However, today we were able to meet up with our friends. We had such a blast, Kindermusik was very, very cool. Jodi had invited V and I to this class and from her it was the first that I have ever heard of it. Im so happy that we went. We sang and danced, played musical instruments and read. It was a really great way to spend time with Vada as well as the other Moms and their children. I didn't take pictures during the class because V and I were guests and also, because we were having such a good time together and I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

After class we went into the children's museum and played for awhile. Jack and V had a good time. He is such a sweet boy and was so much fun to watch. He even picked a flower for Vada from the counting garden but she was too busy trying to catch a butterfly in the lily pond to notice. Good thing Jack is patient and understanding of her scattered attention span (it runs in the family) but maybe that's because he knows that he will see her again. Jack and V not only play at Kindermusik together but at GiGi's as well.

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