Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Miss Kiliegh Rae and Her Project

Miss Rae brought her first "real" school project assignment home this weekend.

The assignment was to make a personal time line of events that were important to her.

The title had to also be personalized and each word had to begin with the first letter of her name, "K".

So, I came up with the title and found the pictures, after she told me what she wanted to use. We did a lot of things together but all in all she did this on her own.

She spent over six and a half hours on the project and was still not finished but was at a point where she had to stop so that things could dry.

Kiliegh has one of the funniest and cutest mannerisms (for lack of a better term). When she is really concentrating on something that she is doing, like drawing and coloring-- her tongue goes wild. Its so funny to see but I try not to laugh because she is also very sensitive and she doesn't realize that she is doing it. Recently she has added a new tongue movement into the mix. She does "the taco" and she does it with lightning speed!

I took this with my cell  phone, not the best photo but it gives an idea of what her project ended up looking like.

I am so proud of how hard she worked and how beautifully her project turned out because of her efforts. However, I don't have the finished product because she left two open spots for pictures from her Dads-- she is such a sweetheart. 

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Lacey said...

Mondo does the same thing. His tongue goes nuts when he's concentrating really hard! I squint my eyes..or so I've been told!