Sunday, November 27, 2011


Vada loves her reflection. Every morning and after each nap we stop in front of her bedroom mirror and talk to each other. She gets excited about it. If for some reason I am in a hurry and I don't do the mirror talk she always struggles to see past me to it as I walk by. It's sweet.

Kiliegh and Vada share a room so when ever Kiliegh is going into her room V follows. If Kiliegh happens to leave the door open, V notices and in she goes, straight to the mirror.

We talk in the bathroom mirrors as well. After she takes her nightly bath ill lift her up and out of the tub. Snuggle her into a fluffy towel and show her the clean baby in the mirror. She likes that too.

I think she notices her reflection in other objects as well. I know that she sees herself in the ovens door. I often catch her having conversations with her self while I am cooking.

I am pretty for sure that she knows the reflection she is seeing is her or her and I when i am standing with her. Awhile ago she seemed to have figured it out. I would talk to her through the mirror, she would look at my reflection, touch it and then look at me. It was fun watching her figure that one out.

V is a pretty shy girl but when it comes to her own reflection, she is her own best friend!

She will talk to herself for hours (I think), if I would let her.

She makes herself giggle. She makes herself get serious. She shows herself how big she is and she even dances a bit-- for herself.

If we could all amuse ourselves as well as Vada we would never be bored!

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Leah said...

That is so sweet. Love the last pictures of her playing with her reflection. Kills me!!!