Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last week V's earache was really bothering her. I took her back into the doc's and we began giving her those nasty Rocephin  shots. She had five total and today she seems to be doing much better. Hopefully the infection is gone! Im looking into a chiro for her. Truthfully, as simple of a procedure as getting tubes may be, I don't want V to have them and typically I am all about trying the natural methods first. I dread the idea of her being put to sleep and the possibilities of triggering her seizures again, so I am praying that maybe we can just hold off on the tubes-- if her ears stays in good shape. Regardless, I know that its all in God's hands so I am trying to just go with whatever comes our way. I have learned that its better to go with God's plan verses fighting against it, otherwise things are even harder...

We have been really busy around here and I have found another lovely but lame tv program to be addicted to on Netflix-- The Vampire Diaries... its so very good! Anyway, I have choose vegging out and watching the program verses blogging and I have fallen way behind... these pictures below are from Vada's fever day. It got to 102.4 and only lasted about twenty four hours but it knocked this energetic little girl flat on her diaper padded bottom!

This was her later in the evening, after her bath. She felt good but the fever was higher. We had a hard night but by the morning time the fever had broke and she was a much happier baby!

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CM said...

Poor Vada! It is a miserable feeling to have a fever and I hate it when our babies have them too. I'm glad it didn't stick around too long.