Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fine Motor skills and Finger Foods

Vada's motor skills in general are improving drastically and on a daily basis! Improvements in her fine motor skills are evident in practically everything that she does. When your talking to her all you have to do is look at her to tell that she is taking in what you are saying. When you are signing she watches and her hands begin to move. She is more playful and mimics or attempts to mimic what you are doing and she is able to feed herself a wide variety of small foods. In fact she is kind of a booger at meal times. She will open her mouth to take the bite but she like to take the food back out of her mouth and then put it in herself.

Plus, she doesn't appreciate the bib and I do! So her and I kind of have a battle of wills when it comes to wearing it. I don't mind her getting messy because in most cases I can just plop her into the tub afterward but I want her to wear her bib for the times that she cant get messy and she isn't good at going back and forth, so I have to be kind of a stickler about it. There is a lot of her removing the bib and me putting it back on or her removing the bib and throwing it and me taking her out of the high chair and telling her "all done". Which is followed by her yelling at me, me picking her up and putting her back into the chair with her bib on, only to repeat the the scenario seconds later. I would say that I always win because when I remember that it is all or nothing, I do win. However, If I were to say that I always win then the below pictures would be very contradictory.

Picking up pea's is not actually the hard part for V. The hard part is that pea's like to roll and getting them into her mouth isn't always easy but she finds a way to get them in there. She has a no pea's left behind policy.

And one of my favorite things about V... she crosses her feet. She rubs them together as well, which I like to take credit for because I do it all of the time, especially to fall asleep but to be fair her Grandpa Jim does it too.

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