Friday, November 25, 2011

Talking on the Phone

Vada is growing up (she is 20-1/2 months already!) and she is really catching on to new things. She is mimicking others more and she has begun to pretend play. The video is of her pretending to talk on the phone. I love that she does it now. The funny thing is when I pretend to talk on the phone with her, I use my hand and when I do that, she drops her play phone and tries to talk on her hand like me. I'm probably confusing her a little.

Anyway, I realize that to some this video is nothing special. When you have a typical child you often over look some of the smaller accomplishments at least I did. However, I also know that there will be parents who will watch the video and celebrate with me because the understand that progress is progress and that sometimes what seems like small steps to one, can be huge steps for others.


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