Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jasmine and Vada

I am proud of my children for a great many reasons. One thing that fills my heart with an abundance of pride and adoration is Jasmines relationship with Vada. Don't get me wrong, Kiliegh and Vada have a very unique and special bond as well, but there is something about watching Jasmine with Vada that melts me from the inside out. Maybe its because Jasmine and I butt heads so often. Or because Jasmine and Kiliegh are so close in age that they too butt heads, but watching Jasmine interact with Vada on the many levels that she does is like an open window to me. I get to see more of who she is and who she will be.

Vada has a vocabulary that consists of maybe three words (Ma-ma, Da-da and maybe night-night-- I said maybe), but I would be willing to bet that they have plenty of heartfelt conversations together in their own language.

I wonder if they will share late nights full of secrets and stories when they are older. Tonight, Jasmine said to Vada "When I am twenty, you'll be ten and I'll come and get you and we can have a slumber party at my house."

I pray that they are forever this close.

I wonder if their bond will be something that influences choices that Jasmine makes for her own adult life, or even for her career and family. Whatever Jasmine chooses I will support. I know that it will be worthwhile and positive, but I cant help watching them together and seeing such passion coming from Jasmine. Maybe that's just the sisterly bond that I am seeing, or maybe she has a calling that's starting to shine through.

Jasmine took a baby sitting "boot camp" course through our local YMCA over this last winter break. There she learned valuable things about taking care of babies and young children. She came back each day full of new things to talk about.

After the boot camp was finished she was confident in doing more things with Vada. She now helps change her clothes and dirty diapers (even the poopy ones), she has put her to sleep and then placed her gently into her crib. All done without Vada waking up! She even gives her baths and doesn't get soap or water into her eyes.

I grew up as an only child. I don't know what its like to have bickering sibling rivalry, except from watching my own children. I have never had a little sister to boss and push around or one looking up to me. Watching my children and their relationships together is an amazing adventure for me. I am taught through them what it means to be sisters. Which is something that I find valuable in my relationships with my half sisters whom i am now close with.

I realize that there are moments when they are probably wishing that they were an only child. I just hope someday, they see how truly lucky they are not to be and I hope that their bonds always stay strong.

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