Monday, February 28, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things - February Edition

January came and went and February took its place. With the end of this month comes a few good "things" that I have personally enjoyed discovering.

One of my favorite purchases that I made this month was from Scentsy. It was my first time ordering from this particular company and I figured that it would be like most of the others. However, I was wrong! The quality of everything was beyond what I would have guessed it to be and the Little Lamb theme on the warmer that I bought is a precious idea. Plus, I ordered from a friend who lives in another state and still, the products were shipped directly to my door.
Along with the burner I ordered a handful of the scent bars. One scent in particular was Newborn Nursery. It smells fantastic. Like a freshly bathed and powdered baby. Perfect for a baby's room. Hence, the name? The bars smell better and the scent lasts longer than a Yankee candle (or even a Partylite candle) and coming from me, that says a lot!

I have also found a new sweet temptation this month and it had nothing to do with Valentine's Day. Hershey's Almond Joy Pieces. Have you had them? They are great! Even better than the bars. I'm not the biggest fan of things with Chocolate in or on them but the pieces are soooo good! They are crunchy and taste like toasted coconut with just a hint of chocolate and they are addictive, so I would buy two bags!

For Valentine's Day I ordered this fun deck of reading cards for Jasmine. MindWare Bella's Mystery Deck.
There is a total of 52 cards in each deck (There are two, that I know of.). Each card tells a short story and you play the detective to try to figure out the mystery. Jasmine and I read at least a third of the deck the first night she got them. They are cleaver little stories, each challenging you to think a little. Also, each card shares a bit or random information. Like, the reflection in a spoon is an upside down reflection. Or, silver wont tarnish if being worn. Fun for a child, at least for mine and it was something that we did together. I personally, liked them and I really enjoyed doing them with Jasmine.

Somethings that I got for myself this month were Tervis cups. I bought two of them and I purchased mine from Bed Bath and Beyond.
Berry Swirl with Red Lid
I am going to be completely honest here..., Some of the cups look very cheap. However, there is a wide variety to choose from. There are fully colored ones, which are pretty. There are ones with clear inserts, which is what I purchased and obviously like. There are monogrammed ones, which are nice. I could see using them for a grill out or for a party. Then there are ones with patches (yes, patches..., like on your jeans..., patches)and these are the "cheap" ones that I am referring to. Which is kind of unfortunate because if they were to use prints like the two that I am displaying here then the cups would look so much nicer. I really dont know what I am talking about when it comes to the business side of making these things, so who knows, they may sell the patches like crazy. I just felt like I had to warn you. I could see someone ordering them online and then being very disappointed.
Cherry Blossom with Brown Lid
Here's a fun one..., Got All Your Marbles? That's the name of the store that Justin bought my Valentine's Day gift from. Long story behind this gift of choice. Short version is I saw someone wearing one and commented on it she told me it was a marble ring and I told Justin about it. I'll admit, its not for everyone. I have some odd tastes in things but this ring is fun and unique and I {heart} it. The style that I have is called the Pee Wee Lotus Ring and it uses the Pee Wee (12mm) sized marbles.
Here's the fun thing about the jewelry. You get to change the marbles! You get a baggie full of marbles with the ring and I am assuming with any piece that you purchase and then you can order more if you want to and if it's something your interested in now then you'll want to buy more marbles. Im sure of it!

Whoo..., Whoo..., just one more thing.
We have a local store called Teacher's Aid (Its one of my favorite stores when I am buying fun and educational stuff for the girls.) Recently, they started carrying Early Sign Language board books from GarlicPress! So exiting!

The books range in price but I paid only $6.95 for each book. Vada loves the pictures of the children and Jasmine and Kiliegh enjoy reading them to her. I also like that each word shows the sign and explains the hand motion that goes with the sign. It makes it more understanding and easier for the girls to figure out on their own.

February was a short but busy month full of a few fun discoveries. I get excited with all of the little things that I run across. They may not be the most exciting thing to read about but who knows, you may find them just as fun as I do.

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