Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thunderstorms and Snooze Buttons

This mornings thunderstorm made opening my eyes a bit easier than the days prior. Lack of sleep is still proving to be an issue for me. Most mornings I would rather cover my head with a pillow after negotiating with the 'snooze' button, for five more minutes of sleep.

The girls, however, have become pro's at removing those pillow's and I have yet to discover a button on them that gives me those extra minutes that I am hoping to receive. Luckily, their sweet little faces that are begging me for pancakes and school lunches seems to be enough to get me up. That and a nice cup of coffee..., or two, sometimes three. This morning Vada's coo's were the only sounds greeting me. The older girls were at their dad's and Justin was working.

With my eyes barely opened I shuffled to the front door, opened it and took a deep breath in. The mist from the rain gently kissed my face as if by chance saying good morning. The air was cold and it still had the smell of winter in it. It was almost as if Mother Nature herself was confused on what was going to happen next. I stole another breath before quickly closing the door and trapping some warmth inside. I made a mental note to myself to notice God's handy work more often and to appreciate all of the changes that are about to happen with the end of winter and the beginning of Spring.

After a long morning of staying in my pajamas's and playing with Vada I finally got dressed for the day. Vada and I went to the late service at church which is now our third week in a row of attending. I look forward to being able to go back to the adult Sunday classes and to the women's class during the week that I used be involved in. However, when I think of Vada in the church daycare (or any comparable setting) my chest begins to feel pressure. I'm not ready for Vada to be so exposed to other children yet. I'm so nervous of the germs that are easily passed from one child to the next. Call me over protective.

After church, I took Vada to Justin's parent's house to visit with Grandma and Grandpa. They had both been sick for over a week and was missing their "Vada time". Grandma had called earlier that morning with hopes of having a little one on one play time. From there I came home and cleaned. Not much of an interesting day, but sometimes those are the best kinds!

Over all things seem to be settling down just fine. Actually, our home seems to be just that. A house full of people who live in it and who love each other. Life doesn't seem so uncertain and scary right now. I feel as if I am able to breath a little easier on most days and I thank God for that.

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