Saturday, February 12, 2011

In it for the Ride

Having a camera on my phone has been such a bonus! I usually have my Cybershot with me for those "just in case" moments and if I know that I may need a camera then I bring my Cannon Rebel. However, my trusty phone never fails me..., unless its dead.

I have taken Vada grocery shopping with me two times since we have been bringing her into the public more and because I have had my phone I have been able to get some cute pictures of her sitting in the cart.

I felt so proud walking around the store with Vada. We have had to keep her fairly secluded for almost six months now. I have barely been able to share her with the ones that I love let alone anyone else.

Taking her to places with me has been like a party in my heart. Its exploding with joy! Im glad that I was able to get these pictures. They signify so much more than Vada riding in a shopping cart. They signify life as it should be (in my mind). They signify a new stage in our lives and they signify a little sanity and peace for me because I am able to do more things outside of the house and with her.

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Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Yeah!! So happy for you guys! We are limiting visitors big time right now, and I'd love to show Ollie off.

By the way, I now know what you mean...I have to search sometimes in her face to see the DS...she's so stinking pretty and perfect!! I'm more than smitten :)