Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vada and Cody

I was nervous about how our dog Cody would react to Vada once we brought her home. He is a great dog and besides the premature graying, I think that he has adapted to all of us girls quite nicely.

However, a baby is different than a child. I was nervous that he would step on her or hit her with his tail.

He gets really excited when anyone walks by our house let alone comes to it. He runs in the house like a bull charging after being outside. I was nervous that someone would open the door before I had a chance to scoop Vada up and he would trample her.

I was wrong. I should of had more faith in my pal. He still does all of those things, but somehow he knows where his tail is (most of the time) when he is around Vada. Somehow he has never stepped on her, not once. I am still cautious, but he is an amazing old dog.

She is so interested in him as he lays next to her. It's funny because he has an expression on his face that looks almost annoyed. Like, "okay, ill tolerate you..., for now." He reminds me so much of a child. He'll look at me and I swear he is asking to be rescued and he probably wants to be.

He's a good boy.

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