Friday, February 18, 2011

Hop, Skip and Bounce...

It's been quite sometime since we have been outside for any other reason other than to get into our car. The winter weather was never enjoyable for me to be in. I would practically hold my breath as I walked quickly from out back door of the house to the car. Only releasing that breath once I was buckled into the drivers seat. Which is pretty impressive on my part, since I had to buckle in a baby first... So, maybe I am exaggerating a little..., but it's almost true.

Today, was such a nice day. It was a glimpse into the near future of Spring! Have I mentioned that I {heart} Spring? I do. Fall too, but I wont jump ahead.

Jasmine wanted to roller blade, so she strapped her skates on and I bundled Vada up for a few minutes of fresh air. Jasmine took a few picks for me and then disappeared off into the neighborhood as Vada and I hopped, skipped and bounced from the back of our house to the front and then to the back again. All of which lasted about five minutes and then her and I went inside because as nice as it looked outside, it was still pretty chilly out. Jasmine on the other hand didn't seem to notice or to be bothered by the coolness in the air. She enjoyed being outside and once she was done skating she was really excited to tell me about how she cant wait for Spring. Neither can I!

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