Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who's Under the Bed

Reading is something that I have always enjoyed doing. To me finding and reading a good book is like watching a fantastic movie that lasts for hours, sometimes even days. I find reading relaxing and I enjoy sometimes living vicariously through the characters that I read about.

Reading is a past time that I also want my children to enjoy, so I read to them nightly. I look forward to the adventures that we share together through reading and I hope that someday they too will enjoy reading as much as I do. I also hope that someday when they are older they will associate reading with special memories that the had with me, Mom.

Each night I read to Kiliegh first. She is the youngest of the two older girls. Plus once her head hits the pillow she's out. So I have to get into her room quickly! Were reading a new book this week. It's one that her grandmother bought for here when her school had a Grandparents day. Its a cute book about a little girl in ballet. Its fitting for Kiliegh, who is the dancer in our family. Plus the character has red hair and freckles, which is something Kiliegh pointed out immediately to being just like her.

After I read to Kiliegh I cross the hall to Jasmines room. We are also reading a new book. We started the first book in the Kids Left Behind series. I personally read the first three in the adult series but then they became a bit redundant and I didn't make it any further. I am looking forward to this particular quest with Jasmine. It'll be a journey worth the travels, for both of us.

Vada usually comes with me into each girls room. I think that its good for her to see and hear us reading together. I read to Vada as well. Usually, it's just later in the evening than when I read to the "big" girls.

Tonight after reading to Kiliegh, Vada and I went into Jasmines room. Vada was a bit too antsy to hold while attempting to read, so we cleared off the floor and laid Vada onto the carpet. I was hoping that she would occupy herself so I could at least get one chapter read with Jasmine.

I was about half way into the chapter when Jasmine and I heard a soft knocking sound. We looked at each other with curiosity and before I had a chance to check on Vada we heard the knocking again. This time we knew where the sound was coming from, it was from underneath the bed.

Vada had rolled right under Jasmines bed. The knocking noise that we had heard just moments before making our discovery was Vada bumping her head on the box spring mattress. She didn't cry or fuss she just looked a bit confused. I easily pulled her out from under the bed and we kissed her all over. This time instead of laying her back onto the carpet we brought her into bed with us and finished our chapter. I guess Vada wanted to go on her own little adventure tonight.

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