Monday, January 31, 2011

A Few of My Favorite "Things" - January Edition

I don't claim to be good at this whole blogging thing. I do however enjoy writing. To me it's therapeutic. I write for me and because I have something to say, even if what I have to say turns out to be nothing of importance.

I don't blog for popularity, although I always get a big smile when I see that someone has added themselves to my "following along" list. So if your not already one of the ten people who are on that list, take a second and add yourself.

I know that a lot of people blog to make a little extra money or making a little extra is just that, a bonus to their blogging experience. I, however, am not that good or even devoted to the idea. So I have come up with an idea that I think is fun..., at least for me. Ive made a few purchases this month that I really enjoy..., so, i'm going to share them with everyone. Well, ill announce the monthly joys that I have found and let you know where you can get yours. (If your interested.)

First on the list is Vada's new shoes. I bought her's through Amazon, which is where I do a lot of my online shopping. I have attached the link to the Robeez website. There you can look at all of their adorable shoes.
Robeez Mini Shoez Razzle Dazzle - hot pink

Next, also a baby purchase, Baby Legs. Leggings for your little one.I purchased Vada's from an amazing company called the Polkadot Platypus. I love, love, love this store. The products at the Platypus are amazing. Really, you should go check them out.

My most important purchase that I have made this month (besides the groceries) was made through the R-Word Store. This store is devoted to providing awareness products to help spread the word. The word is 'retard(ed)' and it is a word that is commonly thrown around without acknowledgment of the true meaning or how it may affect others.
I have one last thing to add to this months fav's. It's not something that I have recently discovered, just something that you may not know about. However, if your as much of a fan of Chai's then you probably already do know of this little secret.

My Starbucks order usually sounds something like this... Venti, soy (or skim),sugar free vanilla chai latte. It's so yum! My drink is close to five dollars each time I order it. Here's the secret...Starbucks uses Tazo brand Chai concentrate. Which just so happens to be sold at Target and at Wal-Mart. For less than one Venti at Starbucks you can get about 6 (if not more) coffee cups full of this yummy goodness all while wearing your p.j.'s and in the comfort of your own home.
When I first started buying my own concentrate I used the sugar free syrup from Target, now I have found a couple of new items that make my Chai even better. First, I use the Organic Chai now, verses the original and instead the syrup, I use International Delights Skinny Vanilla Latte creamer. Its delicious!

So, that's it. These are a few of my favorite things.

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Leah S. said...

I have a secret. For years I've wanted to have another baby just so I had an excuse to buy baby legs and Robeez. Good thing I don't have those parts anymore or we'd have a house full of babies every time there was a cute product on the market. No, I don't need anymore grandkids now either! LOL Oh, and chai? I feel like I'm speaking a second language FOR REAL when I order my Vinte Chai Latte with an extra shot of chai. I love the Tazo stuff!