Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

When it was time for Jasmine to go to bed she gently laid Vada onto the couch and tucked her back in with the blanket that they were sharing.

My weekend was very nice, but ill admit I spent most of my time watching and waiting...,

and trying to capture something on video to show the doctors.

Seizure's have not only took a hold of Vada, they have taken me too. My life will be forever side tracked with the fear of seeing one, with the fear of the possible damage that the last one may have caused and with the fear of when the next one will occur.

Sometimes, I sit and watch her. Hoping to not see anything, but ready for when I do. Tonight, as I wrote about how blessed I was feeling and how lovely my weekend turned out to be, I also watched.

Tonight I was able to just take in her beauty. For a few brief moments I was able to sit back and watch her sleep soundly..., peacefully and like all babies should.

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