Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Milestone

It's been so fun watching Vada grow and progress over the last month, even more so now that we know that she is not having seizures. The swelling from the cushings has gone down considerably and it seems as if all of the ACTH must out of her system because she is just so alive.

Yesterday, she was laying on her belly and made crawling movements towards her purple dinosaur rattle and she actually made two small movements forward. I tried to record her doing it again, but I was unsuccessful. I swear she knows the moment I push {record} because as soon as I do, she stops what shes doing.

I've been saying this for awhile now, but I know that any day she will be all over the place, and today was just another step in that direction!

I remember when I was pregnant, I was reading books and surfing the web for information on Down syndrome everyday. Everything that I read told me that there would be developmental delays. The first time I read that I turned to Justin and said "Vada will probably be our last baby..., so, she'll just be our baby for a little longer..., and that's okay." I meant it when I said it then and I still feel that way now. I am proud of who Vada is and when she does reach a certain milestone no matter how small or how delayed, I celebrate it!

Today, Vada sat on her own! Well, she had a little help from her boppy, but it was the first time that she has ever done this. She stayed up for minutes, not seconds and when she began to fall to one side or the other you could see her using all of her muscles to pull herself back up.

When I got down to take her picture she gave me the sweetest smile. It may have been a coincidence, but I think she knew she was doing something big!

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mariah Emmett said...

That is so wonderful!! I am so glad to see her making so many steps forward!! :) What a sweeite!