Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Down and One to Go

Monday morning I took Vada to her GI specialist. There is really not a whole lot to say for the visit, other than we have begun doing more testing, which is a good thing.

Vada's first test was done this morning. It was a Barium Swallow test. Over all the test went well. Actually, there was really nothing to it. We were all a bit nervous at first when considering how they were going to give the barium, considering Vada wont take a bottle or a pacifier. I explained that I could give her the barium in the same way that I give her her medication (with a dropper) and everyone was open to my suggestion. I ended up using an nose dropper because that was all that the hospital had, but it worked out and Vada took the solution with ease.

The pathologist was pleased with in the first two swallows making the test a quick one. He said that there was nothing constricting her pathway and no signs of fluid going down incorrectly. He suggested that her not eating solids may be a behavioral "thing", and that she may have issues with textures. I agree with that, she has not shown too much interest in solids since we attempted giving the Topamax sprinkles to her in her food. Talk about textures! To deal with the eating I'm in the process of having a speech therapist come to our house to first evaluate Vada and then to work with her.

The concern with Vada possibly having Acid Reflux will hopefully be resolved soon. She has another test scheduled in the beginning of February. That test will be done in our hospital. It will be a 24 hour observation test so Vada and I will be camping out in a hospital again. Luckily, we'll be in town.

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