Monday, January 17, 2011

A Real Disaster

This is a picture of Vada when she had just come home from the hospital. The frame was a gift that I had received at one of my baby showers. Its pewter which makes the frame itself quite heavy. I wanted to use the frame but I didn't really have a place to put it so I put it on top of Vada's armoire and never gave it a second thought.

After her nap this morning Vada finally woke up (with out "snoozing"), in a very playful mood. She was making all sorts of fun baby noises. She kept giggling at Jasmine and I for no other reason than just being happy. It was so much fun hearing and seeing her laugh in such a way that I decided to try to record her doing all of these fun things.

I was in a hurry because I wasn't for sure how long she would continue to be playful before wanting out of her bed so I reached up to the top of the armoire to place the camera. While doing so I knocked the frame off ..., which fell into the crib and landed on the mattress next to her head! It all seemed to have happened in slow motion. I was still reaching to place the camera as I was watching the frame almost pierce her head. It gave me the most disgusting feeling.

Instantly, I felt ill and it took only second before I couldn't see clearly due to the tears that had begun to cover my eyes. The realization of what could have happened was instant. If the frame would have hit her it would have caused some serious damage..., or worse. Luckily, she wasn't hurt in even the slightest bit and I have learned my lesson. Everything that was up there has since been removed.

After Vada checked to make sure that her ears were still attached to her head...,

she rolled over and as politely as a 10 month old can ask, asked to come out of her crib.

All jokes aside, I actually grabbed her right away. These pictures were from when we first came into the room and before I had considered trying to record her on camera. The moment that the frame hit the mattress I was holding her and thanking God that he didn't let that frame hit her. It was a very quick ordeal, but it could have been a real disaster just as quickly.

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