Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Lovely End to an Even Lovelier Weekend

Sometimes, I just want to do nothing. Which seems a bit lazy, considering I cant really go anywhere. You'd think that I would want to be doing something..., but this weekend, I was really looking forward to just hanging out with Vada and trying not to worry about anything. Over all I accomplished just that.

Justin had to work nights on Friday and on Saturday so he slept during the days and then he headed to Chicago this morning for training classes, also for work. (He'll be there all week.) Both Jasmine and Kiliegh were at their bio's, so that left Vada and I.

What did we do?

I already told you.., nothing.

We'll that's not completely true. We stayed in our sweats. We took long bubble baths. We made baby food and baked some delicious Toll house cookies.

Plus, we played and then when we were done with that..., we played some more.

For dinner tonight, one of our good friends brought us some homemade pizza which really helped me on dishes and time and I was able to have more "playing" time with the kiddo's! Plus, it was really good.

Kiliegh and Jasmine came back home tonight about an hour apart from each other. Kiliegh was first. We played a game called Stare Junior and then we played office for a few minutes. Afterward, Kiliegh and Vada got into the bath and they played for awhile.

Kiliegh wanted to make Vada into "Santa" and then proceeded to do the same for herself.

This was Vada's second time taking a bath with Kiliegh and she loved it!

Kiliegh was just getting out of the bath when Jasmine got home and came into the bathroom to say hi. Jasmine is turning into a little "mother hen". She is just blossoming into this wonderful young lady. I am so proud of her and all that she is doing. (We have had some really hard times with her over the past couple of years, but she is just turning into an amazing little person.) I don't mean to sound bias, but well, really..., I think all three of my girls rock!

Anyway, Jasmine took over playing with Vada while I finished up with Kiliegh and then followed right behind me as I took Vada over to the hanging table. Jasmine likes to help dress Vada and lather her with lotion, but as soon as I start to give Vada her medications she steps away. She jokingly says that she doesnt want Vada to get mad at her for letting me give her such horrible stuff. Its more of a joke, but I can tell that Jasmine feels badly that her baby sister has to go through so much. I love how much she loves her. It warms my heart and fills me with even more pride.

After I was finished "torturing" V, I rocked her for a bit to calm her down (she does not like her medication and since I have personally tasted them all, I don't blame her.) then I gave her to Jasmine. Jasmine love to hold her, especially when she is sleepy. They cuddle together very well, and Jasmine rubs her head, which is something V seems to really enjoy.

Thanks to Jasmines help I was able to pick up the mess that I had made over the weekend and prepare for the Physical Therapist who I think (I may have wrote it down wrong) is suppose to be here tomorrow.

Yesterdays plan was to take V into the hospital tomorrow (Monday) morning, however I forgot that Jasmine has an appointment and Karate, plus the PT appointment. I want to keep those and really, there's not whole lot of difference in one day, so were going Tuesday instead.

I try as hard as I can to not disrupt Jasmine and Kilieghs life/regular routine. They get thrown off every now and again, there are things that they miss and things have defiantly changed, but over all I think I am balancing things out pretty well for them. More than anything, I want their experiences and memories of growing up with their sister to be positive memories, not resentful ones, because they missed out.

The night has come to a wonderful end. I have tucked Jasmine and Kiliegh into bed and Vada and I are following shortly behind. I have talked to Justin who made it safely to Chicago, checked into his hotel, played some of his video game and even concurred a whole 16" Chicken Thai Pie from Old Chicago, by himself..., I'm so proud. (Since you couldn't see me while I was writing that, I was rolling my eyes and shaking my head..., I don't know how he does it!) Oh yeah, I even planned out our dinner for tomorrow. Since we are going to be quite busy I wanted to figure out something healthy to make instead of "picking something up". Eating out is nice, sometimes, but I really don't like fast food and I really don't like feeding it to my family. Plus, it just makes me feel good when I cook a meal for them. Especially, if they enjoy it!

This weekend started out nicely and ended up just as well. I'm feeling pretty good with all things considering and I am able to step back and not only know in my mind but feel in my heart that I am blessed beyond any measure. (Sometimes, when my depression really "kicks in" its hard to feel the good in life.)

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